gud package: 01. the slip

Structural Packaging Design: Agile Rabbit Editions


raw jute to be made into slips for storing awesome shoes. structural packaging in the works

Packaging is a key factor in practically all forms of trade: it is crucial to protect, store and ship goods, and, in many cases, the design of a package is the first a customer sees when confronted with any type of product. Consumers react immediately to package shapes, and are influenced by them when making buying decisions.

Different product categories are often easy to recognise by their characteristic form, for example chocolate boxes or milk cartons. On the other hand, a manufacturer of an exclusive product, such as jewellery or perfume, may deliberately choose an unusual, eye catching form.

At the same time, packages serve to protect, store and transport goods, and so must be both strong enough to hold their contents and yet efficient in size and shape.

Good packaging, therefore, is crucial, both from a logistical and a marketing point of view.

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